Walking in the Manner of the Mavens

I love going for walks in my neighborhood.  The landscape is full of mature trees, some, like the long leaf pine grow straight as an arrow.  You can understand why shipbuilders prized them.  The masts made from them were straight and sure.  In the early days of the country, the pine bark was tapped for naval stores.  The turpentine the trees produced in abundance helped ensure the might of the British naval fleet.  But the colonists grew tired of handing over the natural resources and for this and other reasons, a new nation was born.  Good workmanship is always prized.  The people who shop Johnston and Murphy know quality and return to the store repeatedly for the fine shoes and boots that bear their signature.  Since the company was founded in the mid 19th century, these expert boot and shoe makers have set the pace and raised the bar so high, to have a pair is to possess the quality worn by presidents and heads of state the world over.


Now, they may have been a little late bringing women to the table, but since they have added women’s shoes and apparel, you’ll find no finer.  And if you think it’s beyond your budget at this time, with the addition of a simple Groupon, any time is the right time to shop Johnston and Murphy.  Groupon offers serious discounts such as 50% off selected merchandise plus free shipping, 30% off men’s apparel and even more on final clearance items.  Any opportunity to own a piece of the iconic footwear by this maker is a chance worth taking.  The quality of their product means you can enjoy them for years.  There’s no keeping up with the latest fads.  Their looks are timeless in appearance yet modern in approach to creating and crafting a well-fitting shoe.

The summer brings a mix of social engagements, but also time for walking about in the abundance of nature.  Whether you’ve packing to attend a business conference, or unpacking for a weekend at a friend’s, Johnston and Murphy offers style you can dig with a smile.